Hockey (and WordPress) Book Update

Author Amy Julia Becker neatly summarizes what it takes to write a memoir, and upon further reflection I think that’s what my now decade-long effort to write “the hockey book” has become. Ten full seasons ago, I began scribbling notes on the back of printed rink directions and in a small reporters notebook I kept in my car, usually after one of my adult league games, reflecting on something I’d learned being a hockey parent. If the first step in creating a memoir is to actually live through the events, it’s clear that I was nowhere near done until I could neatly summarize that part of parenthood.

And so, with Bubba off to college, I think I’m at that point, a transition from living it to writing about it. No longer will I find myself mentally rewriting the ending, or extending by another half-chapter as I make some observation about a sport that we both love. A break in the action, both in the NHL and in the cycle of parenthood, should offer enough reprieve to get back up on the keyboard again.

It helps that Brad, David and I have just finished the major work on Professional WordPress, 2nd edition just in time for your deep winter reading pleasure. Should January show its receding face without the start of an NHL season, we’ll all have motivation (with code samples) to memoir-ialize.

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