“Professional WordPress: Design and Development” 2nd edition

My five-year love affair with WordPress hits another milestone on January 9, 2013 when the 2nd edition of the book I co-authored with Brad Williams and David Damstra is released into the wild. You can pre-order it from Amazon now and you’ll have it the day it’s released. Not as exciting as getting “The Deathly Hallows” at midnight, but if you want to front-run a New Year’s resolution click and pay now. You’ll expand your knowledge of PHP, CSS, WordPress themes, WordPress plugins, or how to represent multi-valued tree oriented relationships in MySQL, and look like a genius by the time your friends, family and co-workers have already forgotten what they said in late December.

And my usual offer stands: if you buy it, and I run into you (at Starbucks, a conference, work, airport, casino or Phish concert) I’ll sign your book. If you doubt our paths will intersect, send me an ex libris sticker, a 2×4″ mailing label or a sheet of acid-free writing paper and I’ll sign that (with personalization), send it back to you, and you can make your own signed edition. Yes, I end up losing a dime per autographed copy by spending 55 cents on a stamp and envelope, but (honestly) it’s about expanding our readership.

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