A Ken-A-Hora

I did it. I gave the Devils a ken-a-hora (an early blessing) as my grandmother would say; I invited the evil eye by speaking a hoped-for truth before events had fully transpired.

Or else the Devils are finally showing their age, their intensity, their capabilities, and their motivation.

At 2-5 in their last 7 games, and setting a record tonight for fastest goal-against (8 seconds? I can’t get down the ice in 8 seconds) I’d prefer to think it’s a bit of both. But coming up on the halfway point of the season, it’s time for the leaders to step up.

Kovulchuk and Greene need to make better passes.

Whatever is wrong with the penalty kill needs to exit by the Zamboni door, and quickly.

The big bodies need to fill in for Zubrus and Carter on the forecheck, and exercise some puck control.

Everyone needs to relax, simplify their game, and put more pucks on the net.

And I’ll add a postscript “poo poo poo”, with a red and black ribbon, to hit “undo” on my ken-a-hora.

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