Big W Day

Yesterday was one of those days when I feel that I should have gone to Atlantic City to play no limit hold’em, because everything to which I tuned or touched was coming up pocket aces. Princeton football fell behind 17-0 then came from behind (at Brown!) to win 39-17. Devils notch their first W of the year, in a shutout, over the Rangers, while I had an Israeli friend (first timer) in tow. Red Sox win in dramatic fashion.

And yet it was the little wins, on a more personal scale, that completed that perfect fall feeling. Hung up some autographed memorabilia that I had framed, and it fit into the grid layout I envisioned with a few inches to spare. Did some minor rewiring of our copper (sigh) phone lines inside the house so I can finally get out from under Verizon’s $70/month inability to put a third line on my FiOS account without doing a full re-install (I have asked and wave my hands in stupefecation – and have you noticed that stupefecation and fecal have a lot of letters in common?) Got closer to figuring out a side project, and helped my sister reset her wireless network over the phone (me, not her network, that is). Small wins, but combined that make for a big W.

Now if we can only proxy this on to the Giants…

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