Collecting Stuff

I am, by nature, something of a pack-rat. I think it’s a by-product of a long engineering education, in which we were taught to take gentle care of boxes of punched cards and reels of paper tape (in the KSR-33 days). My grandparents put away stamps and coins for my parents, and I still have most of those 100-plus year old glimpses into their lives. What sealed the deal was my father’s father, who always handed “the kinder” wax packs of baseball cards on Sunday afternoons, and my interests in reading, numbers and collecting (and probably some mild obsessive-compulsive behaviors) conflated.

Currently in various states of arrangement, sorting and numbered binders: Patrik Elias hockey cards (over 700 to date out of the roughly 1,000 in print), sports trading cards of professional Jewish athletes (especially Jeff Halpern of the Tampa Bay Lightning and the entire Israeli Baseball League), hockey pins, autographed hockey memorabilia (jerseys, pictures, pucks, and the occasional hat), Hard Rock Cafe pins (about 150 so far), various junk related to the 70s TV science-fiction shows written by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, like Space: 1999 and Thunderbirds. I also have way too many audio CDs (a by-product of the DJ phase), old US coins, casino chips (only from places where I’ve played craps or poker), and unread books on technology strategy. More recently, I’ve gotten back into comics (but obscure, science or engineering oriented stuff).

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