Number 9, Number 9

It is a Devils revolution. Elias has 4 goals in 8 games played (he missed one with a cold), along with six assists for a total of 12 points. He’s on pace for 20 goals and 60 points, not quite another 40-goal season but given what he’s been through health-wise this year, extremely impressive. Nine in a row, coming up on lucky 13, the franchise record for wins set in January and February of 2001.

Meanwhile the rest of the horn and tails crowd has stepped it up, especially Jamie Langenbrunner, Paul Martin and David Hale. I’m wearing my Golden Gophers hockey t-shirt, alternating with my North Dakota Fighting Sioux shirts, in their respective honors.

I’ve been goofing with one of our Devils youth bantam players that Langenbrunner’s scoring seemed to pick up since she “borrowed” one of his sticks and cut it down. Those pro stock sticks have a great feeling of heft in the hands, especially when they say “Lags” on the model stripe — mine says “Niedermayer”, although my dumpster diving doesn’t seem to have helped Scott one bit in Anaheim.

Don’t know whether it’s a new stick or some other voodoo-shaking move that has pumped up Zach Parise, but he’s also on a tear. His cross-crease backhander to Brylin today was the kind of thing you wish you could do if you play this game, but instead end up shackling your hands as the puck slides between your skates and you crash into the end boards. Number 9, indeed.