Angela, Protector

Just how cool is Angela Ruggiero? Talk about picking a good time to score a goal in the Olympics. What she did today — picking up the puck at the goal line, skating coast to coast, finding a seam in the defense and snapping a shot to put the US ahead of Finland, 4-3, was the kind of leadership about which books are written. She kept her head up and just executed. If you didn’t know there were a handful of Finns in front, desperate to not play Canada in their next game, you’d have sworn you were watching a practice drill courtesy of the smoothness with which she ran the play.

Reminds me of….Scott Stevens. Number 4. Blueliner. Leader. Big goal when needed most. And a regular person — before the Olympics I emailed Angela, and got back a prompt (but short) reply.

If anyone on the Canadian women’s team was smiling as the US went down 3-1, they should be equally terrified at the way our team fought back. Maybe this is worthy of making the Hockey News list of power players. In the words of a famous rabbi, if not now, when?