I will admit to a bit of a work detour today to check out the Devils boards hosted by the Newark Star-Ledger. The fans have not given up yet.

Every streak begins with one thing going the opposite way. Deflections. Soft goals. Power plays. Passes up the middle (ask the Joffrey Lupul of the Ducks). The Devils have had streaks of 9 in a row (anyone remember that from early in the season), then 15 in a row, so four in a row isn’t out of the question.

Who wants it more? When it came down to overcoming a 3-goal deficit in Montreal, it happened, clinching the division. When it came down to annihilating the Rangers at the Garden, it happened. Last night, when it came down to a game-tying goal, it happened (thanks Patrik, and Lou, please remember that around June 30th at 11:50 pm).

The series now alternates between arenas. In a way, good for the Devils, as they’re pretty tough when it comes to playing consecutive games with funky travel schedules. Notch a win on Saturday, and then a new streak can begin.

If not, then we’ll end the season with dignity and our heads up, after having seen great hockey and the emergence of true grit from Elias, Gomez and Gionta, as well as the maturation of Paul Martin and David Hale on the blue line. Who thought Elias would be a consistent leader in hits per game? There’s a whole off-season to ponder these things and I’m hoping it doesn’t start until mid-June for our Devils.

It only takes one thing to reverse a streak. Even the Red Sox figured that out.