3 Points, 1 Point

Poor Patty. He notches three assists in tonight’s shootout loss to the Predators, including flipping the puck to Gionta for the tying goal with 11 seconds left. In the shootout, after Erat scored the lone goal for the Preds, Patty dropped the puck, recovered enough to get a shot off but left it in the goalie’s pads.

I’m not worried, at least not with Patty playing on the second line with Zajac and Gunner (Lipper, Langs, Jamie Langenbrunner, pick your nick). He has 7 points in 7 games, enough to put him on an 80-85 point season. The goals will come, especially when he continues to take as many shots per game as he’s been rifling toward the net. But sometimes you need a goal, you want to will a goal to happen, and the little rubber biscuit just bounces around the wrong way.