The Caped Crusader

Just finished reading Rick Wakeman: The Caped Crusader, a semi-biography of the Yes keyboards player that covers his life from childhood through the “main sequence” of Yes albums ending with Going For The One. Found it on through a used bookseller for about $30, which was significantly better than the occasional copy that shows up on eBay for closer to $100.

Of all of the anecdotes and quips in the book, though, the one that stuck with me was that Wakeman played the Mellotron on David Bowie’s “Space Oddity,” marking one of the first recorded uses of that keyboard (pun intended). He was paid nine pounds sterling for the gig — session fees for session work, never mind the fact that Bowie was breaking a lot of rock and roll glass. I guess you never know when you’re on the way up until you can look back from the next hill.