Devils Youth Alum Drafted

Kevin Shattenkirk, former New Jersey Devils Youth Hockey Club player, and sometime Boston University Terrier, was drafted 14th, in the first round, by the Colorado Avalanche. Way cool stuff. Perhaps Colorado has a quota on former Jersey boys: they picked up NJDYHC alum George Parros last year on waivers, but then made him just Ducky in a trade with Anaheim. To maintain their token Jersey limit, they started skating former Devils D-man Ken Klee. If Shattenkirk makes the big club, does someone else from Jersey have to ask “What exit?” on their way out of the locker room?

Perhaps it’s me, but I think having one round of the draft on Friday night is dumb. It’s not like they are going to get whopper TV ratings if it was broadcast in the middle of a Saturday afternoon, but it does crimp the style of some of the clubs (like the Devils) that would have draft day parties. Nobody is going to show up for 30 picks (especially when the Devils have none of them). Last year I ended up doing some shopping in the Devils surplus and locker room clean out extravaganza, and I got a cool poster that doubled as a rain hat when thunderstorms blew in.