Three Equals Minus Five

What happens when you add Chris Drury, Scott Gomez and Jaromir Jagr together in their first pre-season game? You get a minus five rating. I don’t want to hear about rust, or chemistry, or anything else vaguely resembling oxidation or corrosion. The Rangers stunk it up against the Flyers — the very same Flyers that various hockey print mags have predicted to finish so far down in the standings that they might be better saving their points for next season.

What’s this prove? Probably nothing. There’s a reason the press is referred to as the “fourth estate” (behind the clergy, which would be the Church of Saint Patrik and Commissioner Bettman, the nobility, a/k/a Coach Sutter, and the commoners, also called fans and sometimes bloggers). Maybe the Flyers won’t be so horrible, and maybe the Rangers won’t be as much of a lock for the postseason as previously predicted in print. It’s one game, and it’s still September. But still: Lundquist was in goal, not Montoya or Valiquette. Personally, I’m betting on the Rangers blowing a lot of early leads due to lack of defense.