“Pink at the Rink” Auctions

The ECAC has sponsored a new Coaches vs Cancer and American Cancer Society benefit called Pink at the Rink. Game-worn jerseys from all women’s ECAC teams in action this weekend and next are up for auction on eBay, and each coach has put up a game-worn tie, scarf or other piece of clothing.

You can find the “Pink at the Rink” jerseys through an eBay search (the link takes you there), or click on a team’s logo on the ECAC CvsC landing page and you can see the whole ensemble (now there’s a word you don’t see much in hockey rinks).

$150 for a game-worn jersey, with proceeds going to the appropriate cancer-related charities directly through MissionFish, is a good deal. MissionFish is eBay’s charitable giving and processing partner, and I’ve used them for the work we did last year in raising money for autism awareness through Assist From Bubba. It’s very low overhead, very fast, and a very good cause.

Whether you’re a fan of Pat Burns, Saku Koivu, or Phil Kessel or anyone else affected by cancer, you know that cancer is unerring in its bad sportsmanship and even play — anyone, anytime, any age, and any where, it leashes out. Give it a strong check — in any interpretation — right back.