Off-Season: Books!!

The hockey off-season brings a surfeit of warm-weather activities: golf, baseball, rollerblading, and my favorite, reading. I don’t find it at all incongrous to read hockey books when it’s 90 degrees and humid. To help share the warmth, I collected my list of favorite hockey books in a sidebar page, and I’ll get around to updating it in the next few weeks.

Just finished Jack Falla’s Home Ice and Saved. I think you have to read them in that order; Home Ice is about the joys of owning a backyard rink and is a collection of his essays and stories, all true. Saved is a work of fiction, but like all good fiction, a little bit of the author makes a celebrity cameo appearance. It’s especially appropriate for this playoff season, but I won’t spoil the ending.

One thought on “Off-Season: Books!!

  1. Jack Falla

    Hi, Hal…thanks for mentioning my recent books HOME ICE and SAVED; and, you’re right, they should be read in that order.
    The follow-up to HOME ICE – another collection of essays and memoirs — is entitled OPEN ICE and it should be in book store in early September. It’s now up for pre-release discounted sale on Amamzon.
    Am toying around with idea for another novel, but first I want to see how SAVED does. Most early reviews have been good but there haven’t been many of them.


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