Six Things In Six Games

Six game road trip, big change in perspective. Lots can happen in a hockey work week:

1. Riding atop the Atlantic Division is such a sweet thing. I’m looking at the Hockey News’ 08-09 conference predictions with the entire division minus the Islanders ahead of the Devils. Predictions are made to be broken.

2. Shanahan still has “it”, whatever “it” may be. He gives hope to over-40 hockey heads everywhere. Two years ago, I called him a nudnik, but maybe he was just looking for better team chemistry? I yelled “dangle” so loudly that The Bubba put down the Rock Band drum sticks. It qualifies as an event.

3. If Shanahan continues to score at this pace, he’ll have more goals on the season than Gomez by about Valentine’s Day. With just one goal, Shanahan is now 300% more cost efficient than Gomez (8 goals for $10M versus 1 goal for $400K, your spreadsheet mileage may vary).

4. Travis Zajac is horribly under-rated. Everyone said “huh” when the Devils drafted him.

5. Speaking of draft oddities, how badly are the Islanders kicking themselves for passing over Parise? JP Parise (like, his father) played for the Islanders, and was respected, revered and remunerated for being a killer of Ranger dreams.

6. Patrik Elias is on Twitter, and it’s really him. A bunch of the other puck heads on Twitter trusted, then verified, but the Snowman has unnamed sources. Meanwhile, no tweets from Elias in ages. Maybe Lou found out? Something tells me Lou would tweet in all caps. Just a thought.

Not making the list: Salvador’s stomach credited with Nashville goal; Who needs shutouts when you’re winning games; We miss Pandolfo but he is a Team Player; Mike Cammalleri gives Calgary hope and consistency (actually, that may be tomorrow’s list).