Zajac the Younger

Bubba and I caught the Princeton-Union ECAC quarterfinal game last night at Baker Rink. It’s always a wonderful trip; the ice equivalent to a Wrigley Field or Fenway Park pilgrimage. Built in 1922, Baker Rink has been refurbished and re-introduced more times than David Cone. It has, and always will, hold a special place in my heart as the first rink on which I played hockey, got to see Patty Kazmeier skate, and have eaten some of the worst soft pretzels known to man.

Kelly Zajac
Biggest surprise of the night (the pretzels were an expected downside; our seats were an expected upside): Seeing Travis Zajac’s younger brother (I’m assuming) Kelly Zajac skate for Union. Zajac was an under-appreciatd draft pick, and this year he’s been instrumental in the success of the Pops line. Face-off machine, much stronger skater, and a career year in just about every category. Who knew there was another one in the college hockey pipeline? Lou has a habit of sibling signing (Stephen Gionta, Mike Pandolfo, Jordan Parise) so perhaps we’ll see Zajac the Younger suited up in something more suitable like the horns-n-tail.

I hate having torn loyalties at a game; Tuesday night I was cheering for Mike Cammalleri while more seriously rooting for the Devils (2-way win, Devils won, Cams had 2 assists); last night I was watching Zajac (#21) on the wing while more aggressively cheering for the Tigers. Another good night of hockey, with the Tigers holding on to a 3-2 ECAC Quarterfinal game win. Game 2 tonight at Baker Rink!