Ou Sonts Les Habitants?

OK, my French is horrendous, my high school French teacher wants to rescind the award that she gave me upon graduation for “excellence in studies” and L’Academie Francaise is going to put a contract out on my tongue. Quelle frommage.

I don’t get the hockey writer’s negative sentiment about the Canadiens this season. Sure, goaltending is a question mark, but as Scott Clemmenson showed last season, scoring goals and playing as a team outweighs having a Vezina in the cabinet. Their top line of Gomez, Cammalleri and Gionta is far from the biggest in the NHL but it’s going to put up a lot of goals. If nothing else, they win the diversity award for having a Jewish guy with an Italian surname (yes, Cammalleri is a menorah man) and a Latino turning Francophone.

I think the Bruins-Canadiens games are going to return to the all-out, end to end, blood lust grudge matches of years ago. And those games may end up deciding who wins the Northeast Conference. I’m not a hockey writer, nor do I play one on TV or even on this blog, but I think the conventional wisdom is neither when it comes to the Habs this year.

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One thought on “Ou Sonts Les Habitants?

  1. Homme de Sept-Iles

    I think your Boston-Montreal prediction is very interesting. Haven’t heard anyone say that yet and you might be right on about it. If so, we’ve got eight very dramatic games to look forward to this regular season.

    If not, you can join the rest of us in the Quelle Fromage category for predictions. My two cents: Pittsburgh will miss the playoffs. You can send the cheese my way when you feel it is appropriate. But at least give me the eighty-two games to see it come true.

    Great site.

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