Speaking at WordCamp Philadelphia

I’ll be continuing my WordCamp speaking tour at WordCamp Philadelphia on October 30th. I’m giving the latest version of Parsing Strange, my WP internals talk that dissects URL parsing, SQL generation and user-serviceable parts you might run into. With custom page types and custom taxonomies gaining interest and traction in the WordPress community, this talk is a good backgrounder to the mechanics of joining tables representing social (or other) graphs, and selecting relevant content that you want to be displayed as a result.

Professional WordPress co-author Brad Williams is organizing, and the speaker slate covers an incredible range of topics. It’s the best $20 you can spend — you’ll be getting a high-speed, in-depth technical potpourri for about $3 an hour, or less than you’d spend drinking Starbucks that whole time. Just remember that it’s in Philadelphia, so while there are no bad questions, there are answers that involve having a D-cell thrown at your head.

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