Bad Boys and Good Shirts

It’s 32 days until November. Fall is in the air (if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere). Football season is underway, with real officials, and we’re waiting to see if we can have hockey back before the list of November turkeys includes 30 more owners. It’s a good time to think about hairing up for the winter.

But today’s moustache vibe comes from 1986 “Bad Boy” Met Keith Hernandez, who shaved his moustache in support of a donation to an adult day care center for Alzheimer’s patients named for his late mother. The linked New York Times article has a wealth of warm and fuzzies about upper lip adornments, sported by everyone from movie stars to Abner Doubleday.

And if you’re in the mood for Mo Fuzzy wear, check out the Movember themed t-shirts from Fuzzy Ink, with $5 per shirt going to support the 2012 Movember campaign. It’s a win on the softer side.

Follow my Movember campaign or make a donation. Help me raise awareness of, and support for, men’s cancers.

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