Early Election: Movember In September

I decided that as part of celebrating half a century (of life, not staff meetings) that I’d do something a little different and perhaps even socially responsible each month. My action plan for November has been, for the last year, to join the Movember effort to raise money and awareness of prostate and testicular cancer. Quite simply, Movember participations — known colloquially as Mos, Mo Bros, and Mo Sistas — agree to shave clean after Halloween, starting November with a shiny upper light and shinier attitude. Then it’s a free-for-all for facial hair; far from something out of a Ted Nugent story, growing a moustache shows you’re thinking about taking care of the parts that aren’t as visible to the, uh, naked eye.

Sitting in our dorm room, freshman year, one of the university health counselors made the offhand comment that the incidence of testicular cancer was unusually high among Ivy League men. He was correct mostly because history and demographics overlap: testicular cancer affects white, young men with statistical prejudice. I’ve filed that vignette away for more than 30 years, re-visiting it now that I have a son in college. Along the way, one of my early co-workers fought and beat testicular cancer, and I’ve been following the personal and painful travails of former Coheed and Cambria bassist Mic Todd as he goes through the same journey. In the past few years, I’ve been inspired and humbled by Dana Jennings, New York Times blogger, country music evangelist, and philosopher on the ordeals of prostate cancer.

In their honor, and because I believe (as all hockey players do) that facial hair has powers that extend across the usual time and space boundaries, I have become a Mo Bro.

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Register and join my team, the Ryan Carter Fan Club (in honor of the NJ Devil with the second-best playoff ‘stache, after our beloved mascot), and pile on for a good cause.

We’re still a month and a half outside of November, but it’s not too early to elect to do something good.

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