It’s Movember: Let’s Get Hairy

Here’s the very short form if you’re already bored:

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And now for the long form:

Sandy was so….October. Now it’s Movember, the moustache-ruled, hirsuite adventure to raise awareness and funds for men’s cancers.

As favorite sci-fi writer John Scalzi says, being young, white and male is the lowest difficult setting in the game of life — it’s also the ideal set of ingredients for testicular cancer. Awareness, testing, treatment — that’s why i’ll be hairing it up for 30 days
starting just about now.

This year’s theme is “Movember and Sons” and it seemed a fitting time to join the effort, with an adult son of my own and a father who has always looked out for me and my health. If you ever saw my dad with his 1970s moustache, you know the fear, loathing and sometimes abject hysteria stimulated by a Stern family facial hair outbreak. You really don’t want to miss this.

Here’s the ask. You can do one, none, or all of these things (your mileage will vary if you have XX chromosomes):

  • Join me! Either signup at, or better yet, join the Ryan Carter Fan Club (named in honor of the NJ Devil with the best playoff ‘stache this May)

  • Support me! Donate right on my Movember page. My goal is to raise $3,018 this year, my first year – that’s $100 a day, plus $18 representing “chai”, the hebrew word for “life”.

  • Read my updates and share with your family, co-workers, twitter readers, facebook friends, or if you’re still into myspace, whoever else is there with you.

    See if i end up looking like Dr. Fluff, or just Ryan Carter after game six of the Stanley Cup Finals. And if none of that makes sense, go read my updates and all will be, well, less fuzzy.

    I’m just shy of $600 raised, and we’re still 2 hours away from the follicular insertion point. Thanks to all who have supported me so far. And before you ask, yes, I am going to wax my moustache. Just ordered some hand-made, scent-free, tube-encased ‘stache wax. If UPS manages to navigate around hurricane sandy damage, I may get it before I have to shave it all off.

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