Snowman in Other Locales

Long-standing dreams of being in the music business were fulfilled with this executive producer credit on Flux Forteana’s September.

My musings on bacon, baseball’s Kevin Youkilis and Israeli fifth graders appear at Pork Memoirs.

Cory Doctorow gives me a shout out for my play by play of unboxing his semi-custom hardcover.

Seamus Burke asked me to write the introduction to his second print book, “Working Man”.

Former co-worker Karie Willyerd used some of my musings on what a future, highly mobile and tech-savvy workforce would look like in the intro to her talent management book The 2020 Workplace: How Innovative Companies Attract, Develop, and Keep Tomorrow’s Employees Today

One of my happiest and proudest professional moments at Sun Microsystems was sitting down with Cory Doctorow for an interview for ACM Queue magazine.

Various talks I’ve delivered at WordCamp and other conferences are archived on

And in the most random of connections made possible by friends of friends and Facebook, I am responsible for the use of the word “pumice” on page 55 of Mindy Klasky’s Single Witch’s Survival Guide (The Jane Madison Academy Series) (Volume 1)

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