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2018: Do More

Usually I write up a little summary of the year just concluded, but in a lot of ways, 2017 was kind of ugly. So onto 2018 in which I have promised to “do more” – more time on self-care, more time writing, more time playing music and playing with the machinery of modern music (ie, pedals and amplifiers), more small scale direct investment (Lending Club, Kiva, Microventures) and more time with friends. The corollary to doing more is doing less — less time on LinkedIn and the derivative noise it generates, less time on Facebook, less time reading news or pseudo-news that reinforces what I think rather than challenging me to broaden my views.

A few things on the rough goal list: play in another recital, something more complex than 16 bars of bass solo. If Phish decide to really do Watkins Glen, I will check off “Winnebago” on the bucket list and glamp it for a long weekend. Clean out all of the orphaned gear and audio equipment in the basement and set up a proper place to play music and with music gear.

Jumper wire repair of a broken Boss TU-12H tuner

Here’s the first step along the path to fulfilling that goal – periodically I troll eBay looking for broken guitar pedals that may have some value if the repair seems simple enough. Smoke stains, scorch marks, or a loose pile of parts don’t get a second look, but I found a Boss TU-12H tuner that merited attention. It was marked “not working due to a broken circuit board” – a pedal injury akin to catching your finger in the car door. A dab of Gorilla Glue, and three jumper wires (the green wires in the picture) to cross the split in the corner of the PCB (with an assist from a service manual I found online, showing the single PCB layer in detail), and I have a working old school tuner.