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Tiger Biscuit In The Basket

Thanks to Wally McDonough for this one.

Last night was possibly the first time two Princeton University hockey alumni have scored goals in the NHL on the same night. Darroll Powe scored for the Flyers (his second) and George Parros picked one up for the Ducks (unassisted, his first of the year) on a slick breakaway off of a blocked shot. (NHL video link)

It’s also something of a banner year with five former Tigers in the league. In addition to Powe and Parros, Jeff Halpern (2 G 1 A) is skating for the Canadiens, blueliner Mike Moore just played his first game with the San Jose Sharks, and Kevin Westgarth has skated seven games for the LA Kings.

Hip, hip, tiger, tiger, biscuit, basket, boom, boom, bah, then cue Muse’s Uprising.

Playoff Minion

Here’s a statistic you won’t hear Chico Resch cough up on a break in play: There are three Jewish players on three different teams in the playoffs for what may be the first time in NHL history. Jeff Halpern (Kings), Mathieu Schneider (Coyotes) and Mike Cammalleri (Canadiens) are all vying for a chance to make kiddish in the Stanley Cup.

Cammalleri and Schneider were teammates on the LA Kings, but by the time Cammalleri arrived in 02-03, the Kings were no longer a regular playoff team. Halpern was a regular playoff player with the Capitals, but went to the Stars in 2006 as the Kings sank into high draft pick territory. Halpern was traded from the Stars to the Lightning, so while Schneider was back in the playoffs with the Red Wings, he was alone in counting the omer on off days.

Not only are there three Jewish guys skating, but I believe this accounts for all active Jewish players in the NHL (discounting claims that Eric Nystrom is Jewish). Cammalleri sniped the first goal of the Habs-Caps game tonight; Schneider was a scratch for Phoenix, and right now Halpern is sitting in the box in the Kings-Canucks game. Not exactly a minion, but something to write home about.

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Princeton senior Cam MacIntyre was signed by the San Jose Sharks today. He’s off to the little Sharks in Worcester, MA, and it remains to be seen how he’ll recover from a senior year that left him watching the game from the stands, injured, more than playing on the ice. But he joins former teammate Kevin Westgarth in the AHL, and I’m thrilled that the Sharks want to place a bet on him. Since Jeff Halpern re-ignited a Princeton presence in the NHL, it seems like there’s at least one player a year who makes the jump from ECAC to AHL to NHL: Chris Corrinet (Capitals), George Parros (Kings, then Ducks), Westgarth (Kings), Mike Moore (Sharks), Darroll Powe (Flyers), and now MacIntyre.

Also signing an AHL contract this week was Tiger goalie Zane Kalemba (Norfolk Admirals). Most of these guys weren’t drafted; they are being signed as free agents so that the clubs can get a look at them and let them mature even further as players.

NHL Center Ice Package: I’m Sold

I broke down and ordered the NHL Center Ice package tonight. It was actually a Facebook conversation with a co-worker that convinced me it was worth the $172 for the next six months, or as he put it, less than the cost of going to two games. My interest started with a sincere interest in seeing Mike Cammalleri, Brian Gionta and Scott Gomez take on the Bruins tonight. What I got was a lingering taste of the seven-plus years Mrs. Snowman and I spent in the Boston suburbs, channeling NESN on a 17-inch TV. It’s still NESN carrying the Bruins home game, but it’s in HD — a little bit of old school Boston sports mixed with geographic diversity. Given that all of the out of market games are redirections of local coverage, I’m looking forward to getting to know the broadcast voices of the Lightning, Canadiens, Ducks, Hawks and perhaps the Flyers, as I follow some brand name as well as lesser-known but fun to watch players (Halpern, Powe and Parros, along with Madden, Toews, Gomez, Cammalleri and Gionta).

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Weird Week In Review

It was a strange week. Last week was actually stranger, as I had a few rough work days strung together by red-eye, delayed and over-booked flights across the country. But it ended well, if not equally strangely, when the Devils broke their 6-game losing streak by grounding the Bolts. But even for a Devils game, it was a strange day, indeed:

Bubba announced, publicly, that the Devils would end their losing streak as he was attending the game. The Devils have never lost with little Bubba in the (new) building. Not once in 19 tries, and last Friday was indeed a try. When the Devils went down 2-0 Bubba was bent, but not broken. He’s got more of what my grandmother would call koyach (strength, backbone) than his dad.

Before even departing Bubba-dom, I wavered on my jersey selection. Yes, I wear an appropriate jersey to each game. Yes, it looks like I’m 4 months pregnant and wrapped in nylon. Normally, Bubba picks up his Czech Olympic Elias jersey and I wear my Metallurg Elias jersey, but for some reason I went very — very very — old school: The red Koho Devils jersey from 2000, with a crest more wrinkled than the face you make when Rupp takes another dumb roughing penalty. Bubba talked me out of it. Czech mates we were.

As soon as we landed in our seats (last row of Section 21), Chico came by ostensibly on his way to the bathroom. We got high fives. A period later, NJ Devil came by, and gave us more high fives (although in his larger than life state, they count as seven and a halves, I think).

Despite Holik taking (another) dumb penalty, the Devils wrangled a power play out of it when Jeff Halpern came flying in from the far circle to rough up Holik. Halpern? The Princeton guy? Bubba’s quote: He didn’t learn that in Hebrew school.

Shanahan scored on a penalty shot, becoming the oldest player to do so in the NHL.

Throw in the other strangeness of the night — Weekes getting hurt and Marty playing in a game he was meant to sit back and enjoy; two blown leads in the third period; the thrown stick resulting in the penalty shot; Elias coming onto the ice in a suit (nursing a leg injury) to honor Marty — and the net result should have been something bizarre. A goal overturned by Toronto. Holik or Rupp bouncing one in off of Marty’s rear end. But none of that happened; if there was a bottom to be found in the market for Devils wins, we found it. It was good. Weekes isn’t down for the count. Devils won in OT. The Bubba streak was preserved. It may have been a weird week, but upon further review, it ended well.

Princeton Hockey: Ivy Champs!

In the midst of much cheering of all Devils teams, big, small and Lowell-oriented, I failed to comment on Princeton clinching the Ivy League men’s ice hockey championship for the first time this {decade, century, coaching era}. Last time the Tiger strode atop the Ivy halls, some kid named Jeff Halpern (now #11 on the Dallas Stars) was captain, and the Tigers also ran the table in the ECAC tournament.

The ECAC regular season wraps up this weekend, and Princeton already has a first-round bye. Unfortunately, that means my one shot at seeing a playoff game happens to be the same weekend we’re closing out our youth hockey season in the nation’s capitol, but I can cheer while listening to a netcast of the game. Hip, hip, rah, rah, etc: Go Tigers!

Half a Night Down, Whole Season To Go

I’ll admit to being a bit giddy tonight. Having 15 opening night games is akin to March Madness – I don’t know what to watch first, or which highlights will really be tomorrow’s ESPN gems. The remote control got an outstanding workout.

Zach Parise: game-winning goal for the Devils. Sidney Crosby: an assist, but on the losing end of a 5-1 Devils victory. Alexander Ovechkin: 2 goals in the Capitols 3-2 win. Jeff Halpern: assisting on all three Caps goals.

However, there’s no data coming out of the Dallas-Los Angeles game, so it’s hard to check in on George Parros. Word to the NHL: let the fans blog, at least we’d know what’s going on even if there’s no official scoresheet posted.